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A podcast about two middle age guys trying to figure out what to do with their lives
WaddaYaGonnaDo - Episode 31 - Technology

The guys shoot the breeze about random stuff.  I would have published it earlier, but I have been plagued by website issues.

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WaddaYaGonnaDo Episode 26 - Marc Godfrey

Meet Marc Godfrey, lead singer of The Vampire Bats / Soul Kid #1 & author of the monster pop hit “Bounce In California” He moved to L.A., got himself a fat record deal, and … well he’s back in Vancouver, and has nothing better to do than be on our podcast. It’s the first warm day all year, and everybody’s a little stunned, but we had a lot of fun. Enjoy!

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WaddaYaGonnaDo Episode 21 - Sneaky Dragon

The guys are joined by veteran podcasters, Ian Boothby and David Dedrick of the Sneaky Dragon Podcast.  We are airing this episode on each of our podcasts, so I will just steal their copy too: 

This week Ian and Dave join the co-hosts of the Waddyagonnado podcast, Stephen Hamm and Terry Russell, in their rec room to discuss Hamm and Terry’s early days in the influential proto-grunge band Slow; Dave’s desire for a new job; Ian’s Kickstarter plans for Hamm and Terry; the frustration of a failed career as artists; some guy in a limo with a big wad of cash; Ian and Dave’s careers as Nazi art collectors; how Ian started writing The Simpson’s for Bongo comics; humiliating border troubles; highly regarded waterworks employees; careerism; and urinal troughs – Dave likes them! Maybe too much?

Thanks to Ian and David for coming on the show. We had a lot of fun. Be sure to check out their podcast Sneaky Dragon.


Thanks for listening.

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Meet Aaron Chapman, Author, local historian, and musician.  Aaron was a founding member of two bands, the Real McKenzies, and the Town Pants.  He talks with the guys about his award winning book, Liquor, Lust, and the Law, a pictoral history of the iconic Penthouse nightclub.  He also announces his next project, based on another iconic Vancouver nightspot.  You heard it here first.

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Meet Norm Dawson, the son of a local fisherman, who got to experience Lenny Bruce, the Beatles in concert, and the ups and downs of Vancouver during the Sixties and Seventies.  We brought him down to learn about living well for cheap in Central America, but instead, we learned a great deal of Vancouver's underground history, in the days before our Punk Rock career.  Also the guys discuss de-cluttering, as we record at Terry's house for a change, while Hamm overhauls his pad, aka "World Headquarters."

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Norm discusses peace, love, and the psychedelic scene in Vancouver, as he reminisces about the 60's including his experiences with Tim Buckley, Frank Zappa, the Doors, and the legendary narc, Sergeant Abe Snidanko.

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Our visit with Norman Dawson concludes, as he talks about the end of the era of peace and love, and the darker vibe that replaced it.  The guys discuss the high cost of living in Vancouver, and Norm tells what he knows about a more affordable paradise in Central America, Nicaragua.


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