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A podcast about two middle age guys trying to figure out what to do with their lives
WaddaYaGonnaDo - Episode 29 - Dexter Hamm

Meet Dexter Hamm.  He is a world-reknown expert on finding soggy tennis balls, but he is completely silent throughout the episode.  Not particularly helpful for an audio podcast, but WaddaYaGonnaDo?  He is content to hang out while the guys yammer on about their plans, and lots of good stuff about feelings.  Is it OK to want to hurt burglars?  All this and more.  Enjoy!

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WaddaYaGonnaDo - Episode 27 - What's Next?

Terry and Hamm reflect on what they learned at the Fox Cabaret during their Live Podcast.  It's the next chapter for this Podcast, and they guys are reflecting and striving.   Hamm's gonna record a solo record, and Tery is gonna find a new income stream.  Bold audacious aspirations meet baby steps all over again.

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WaddaYaGonnaDo - Episode 27 - LIVE! at the Fox Cabaret

A Cavalcade of past guests live in the illustriuous Fox Cabaret.
Paul Anthony, Johnny Uljevic, Ani Kyd, Marc Godfrey, and Megan Barnes.  They talk about how being on the podcast has changed their lives in so many immensely significant ways ..  or not.  Lots of laughs, and fun, but most of you were already there.  Enjoy!

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WaddaYaGonnaDo Episode 26 - Marc Godfrey

Meet Marc Godfrey, lead singer of The Vampire Bats / Soul Kid #1 & author of the monster pop hit “Bounce In California” He moved to L.A., got himself a fat record deal, and … well he’s back in Vancouver, and has nothing better to do than be on our podcast. It’s the first warm day all year, and everybody’s a little stunned, but we had a lot of fun. Enjoy!

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