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WaddaYaGonnaDo - Episode 34 - Cleta Brown

Meet Cleta Brown.  She's running for Vancouver City Council with the Green Party.  We talk about the state of our city, and why she felt compelled to get involved.  We also talk about her famous mother, Rosemary Brown, the first black woman to serve in a Canadian parliamentary body.  We also tak about her famouse brother, Jonathan Brown, and her famous running mate, Pete Fry.  All three owe their fame to being on our podcast, .. or not.  

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WaddaYaGonnaDo - Episode 33 - Robert Dayton

We are back for a new season!

Meet Robert Dayton.  He is an artist, writer, musician, comedian, performing juggernaught, and the smaller half of Canned Hamm.  He is so many things it might be easier to list what he is not, such as a fan of Douglas Coupland or Netflix.  Anyhoo, we had a really fun chat, so enjoy.

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WaddaYaGonnaDo - Episode 32 - Bloody Betty

Meet Bloody Betty.  For over a dozen years, she has been spilling so much blood, she needs slaves to mop it all up.  The guys risk dismemberment to talk to her about the ins and outs of being the Queen of Gorelesque.  She has a big birthday party planned, and everyone is invited.  Come on down to Lana Lou's if you dare.  The last Saturday of every month.

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WaddaYaGonnaDo - Episode 31 - Technology

The guys shoot the breeze about random stuff.  I would have published it earlier, but I have been plagued by website issues.

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WaddaYaGonnaDo - Episode 30 - Return from Hollywood

Rumours of this podcast's death have been greatly somewhat exagerated.  Hamm is back from L.A., and the guys discuss their impromptu hiatus, Junuary blahs, and general lack of energy.  They may be down, but they are not out.  They have plenty going on, and good reasons to be tuckered out.  They may not know where they are going, but they are moving forward.

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WaddaYaGonnaDo - Episode 29 - Dexter Hamm

Meet Dexter Hamm.  He is a world-reknown expert on finding soggy tennis balls, but he is completely silent throughout the episode.  Not particularly helpful for an audio podcast, but WaddaYaGonnaDo?  He is content to hang out while the guys yammer on about their plans, and lots of good stuff about feelings.  Is it OK to want to hurt burglars?  All this and more.  Enjoy!

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WaddaYaGonnaDo - Episode 27 - What's Next?

Terry and Hamm reflect on what they learned at the Fox Cabaret during their Live Podcast.  It's the next chapter for this Podcast, and they guys are reflecting and striving.   Hamm's gonna record a solo record, and Tery is gonna find a new income stream.  Bold audacious aspirations meet baby steps all over again.

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WaddaYaGonnaDo - Episode 27 - LIVE! at the Fox Cabaret

A Cavalcade of past guests live in the illustriuous Fox Cabaret.
Paul Anthony, Johnny Uljevic, Ani Kyd, Marc Godfrey, and Megan Barnes.  They talk about how being on the podcast has changed their lives in so many immensely significant ways ..  or not.  Lots of laughs, and fun, but most of you were already there.  Enjoy!

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WaddaYaGonnaDo Episode 26 - Marc Godfrey

Meet Marc Godfrey, lead singer of The Vampire Bats / Soul Kid #1 & author of the monster pop hit “Bounce In California” He moved to L.A., got himself a fat record deal, and … well he’s back in Vancouver, and has nothing better to do than be on our podcast. It’s the first warm day all year, and everybody’s a little stunned, but we had a lot of fun. Enjoy!

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WaddaYaGonnaDo Episode 25 - Lasagna in the Oven

The guys are waiting for their dinner to cook, while they record their historic 25th episode.  Naturally they talk a lot about food.  Also, how much cover should they charge for their upcoming free event?  All this and more.  Enjoy!

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